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Performance Reviews

Use this form to perform performance reviews, to address poor performance or  counsel team member.  

Paint Roller

Click here to be routed to the QR codes page

If possible after the walk through is completed and the crew is cleaning up to leave, follow script. 

google reviews

Follow these steps to process payroll


This form should be updated every 6 months.  Events should be in the calendar for Foreman and Exec. Assistant to collaborate to keep up to date.


Four Touch

The Four Touch Follow up is a system set to confirm a 5 star rating from our clients as we are wrapping up a project.  

First Touch (during walkthrough)  confirming they are happy with project and completion.

Second Touch. Immediately after walk through present QR Code for review.

Third Touch. Follow up text (with/without survey) to confirm 100% satifaction

Fourth Touch. Thank you card with additional QR Code to confirm 100% satisfaction 

Golden Star

Edit employee information

Follow these steps to edit staff information such as pay, tax information and other information.

Team Building
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