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Contractor Terms Agreement

The sections below are the standards in which we expect Contractors and Subcontractors to operate with Brackens Painting.  These standards are represented as a link in which each contractor initials in the work order/contract prior to starting a project.

Contractor FAQ


What tools/materials does GC provide?  What tools/materials does the contractor/subcontractor provide?  

In almost all cases, Brackens Painting provides paint only.  In some cases, we allow for tape and plastics to be added to a project if it requires more than normal.  Paint contractor is responsible for all tools needed to complete a project to include ladders, drop cloths, plastic, scraping tools, levelers, trash bags, buckets, rollers, roller covers, naps, rags, all tools. 

In some cases, Brackens Painting may be able to provide support with Powerwashers, specialty ladders, paint sprayers and other high cost items.  

Contractors that regularly “borrow” equipment from Brackens Painting will incur a surcharge. 


What are the Contractor vehicle standard expectations?

Contractors are expected to be in a street legal, registered commercial vehicle.  Ideally it is a white van or truck that portrays a professional appearance.  Equipment should be stored in the vehicle in a professional manner and the vehicle should not have numerous dents or visible rust.  Vehicles should be clean and not dirty or covered in paint when arriving at the Brackens Painting jobsite.


Project completion

All projects must be inspected by the project manager or owner of Brackens Painting.  Thorough inspections will be completed nearing the end of the project.  Coordinate with the project manager by phone to coordinate your final walk through within 3 hours of completing the project.  Projects need to be completed during normal working hours Monday through Friday.  Failure to coordinate the final walk through will require additional site visits and may disrupt the client’s living space longer than needed.  


Drywall/wall and ceiling Repairs

Brackens Painting includes all wall repairs that are smaller than a quarter in the quote given to the client.  All cracks need to be caulked.  All nail pops need to be carved out, renailed, or new screws driven into the wall or ceiling, repaired with compound, sand and spot prime.  Sanding is crucial for a clean finish.  Drywall mud is to be disposed of in trash bags and not down drains.  All furniture and items in a room being repaired, needs to be covered.  

Homeowner should be notified to change/replace the air filters in the house after project is completed.  



All projects are quoted and issued with the expectation that two coats of finish paint will be applied.  Two coats are mandatory unless otherwise notified in writing


Change orders/ add-ons

All change orders or add-on need to have written approval before work is to be continued or added to the workorder.  Text, and email confirmation with the operations manager can be used to confirm added price and added work.


Cleaning equipment on job site

Cleaning project equipment on the job site is prohibited.  Please maintain a clean job site and DO NOT USE SINKS for cleaning equipment.Dumping paint down a drain is illegal and also may damage clients plumbing



Once the project is complete and walk-throughs have been completed.  Once the customer has signed off, we submit a payment invoice to the customer.  After the customer pays, Brackens Painting waits one day for payment to clear.  After payment is clear, your payment will be processed on the next Wednesday.  We process payments strictly once per week.  Residential painting projects pay faster than commercial ones.  In some cases homeowners can delay payment for up to 7 to 10 days but normally they pay within a few days of completion.  Commercial projects can take 30 to 60 days to get paid.   Be prepared for those delays. You will need to follow the following invoicing instructions to ensure prompt payment from Brackens Painting.


1.Send your invoice to

2. Subject line must state Project/job name (many invoice apps auto populate)

3. Accounting is completed once per week.

4. Do not delay in sending your invoice.  

In most cases, contractors are paid shortly after project invoice has been paid to Brackens Painting.  

5. Checks are generated through banking software and are mailed out next business day.  Once Brackens Painting has completed the steps to submit a check, the invoice email will be replied with "paid".

6. Mail will take 4 to 8 days to arrive depending banking and Mail schedules

7. If multiple invoices have been submitted, it is possible that multiple checks will arrive in the same envelope.


9. Confirm with the Office Manager that invoices have been received.




Scheduling is determined by the skills and speed of your painting crew.  Larger crews get larger projects.  Smaller crews get medium to small projects.  Solo painters or Solo plus one painter get small projects.   Brackens Painting does not want to over book or set up a contractor with work that they can not complete efficiently.  

Using a dedicated calendar for your scheduling is preferred.  The Operations Manager will update your calendar so you can see what upcoming projects may be available to you.  In some cases, “future” projects may disappear as we meet the needs of the clients and the flow of labor of multiple crews.  


Crew Appearance

Painting crews should be in matching or close to matching clothing.  The traditional painting clothing is a well fitting white shirt and well fitted white painters pants or shorts.  Brackens Painting shirts are available.  The only approved graphics on shirts must be paint or Brackens Painting related.  Khaki work pants or jeans can be substituted if the entire crew agrees that is the uniform.  

Clothes should not be covered in paint.  No tank tops.  No tears or ripped clothing allowed on Brackens Painting projects.  


Working hours

Traditionally, projects are sold and clients are told crews work between 8am And 6pm.  Those hours can be variable.  Your start time can be as late as 9am based on travel time.  But we require all contractors to work a full day.  But we require contractors exit the project by 6pm at the latest.   Normal days end around 4 or 5 pm.  


Business Edicate

We appreciate you being a Contractor or Subcontractor for Brackens Painting and we respect you as a business owner but  as a contractor for Brackens Painting, we find it unethical to promote your company’s business on our job sites/projects.  Please, do not share your contact information, business card or any business collateral promoting your own business.  As a representative of Brackens Painting please forward all inquiries to the Operations Manager.  


Licensing and Insurance

Contractors/Subcontractors do need to acquire local, state federal licensing.  Brackens Painting does not review or require these licenses but state and local regulators may inspect your vehicle or job site at any time.  

Contractors/Subcontractors are required to acquire and maintain General Liability Insurance at $1,000,000 of coverage.  Additionally, Contractors/Subcontractors need to acquire and maintain WorkersWorkmans Compensation Insurance that covers your employees/contract employees.

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